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Okay so one of those local pop bands here covered MCR’s Bulletproof Heart. I usually can’t bring myself to care enough in most cases like these, but what gets to me is that they didn’t fucking credit or even mention that it was a cover.

Like, really, man, you guys suck. And on facebook a friend of mine had posted MCR’s performance of Bulletproof Heart back in Hurricane 2011, and someone had the nerve to say that it was MCR that covered the song.


This is honestly one of the many reasons I cannot stand the fangirls here. Like. Oh my god get your head straight.

Yeah I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while, and its not like I actually will be using them anytime soon. I don’t think I’ll even change urls often enough to use them all! Yeah so now I’m just going to give them away.

Anyways, they’re MCR lyrics, and the cool thing about them (and the reason why I hoarded them in the first place) is that there’s no hyphens or numbers in them.

Just send me an ask telling me which one you’d like, you can only have one and this is a first come first serve thing, okay? (Also it would be nice to see them actually used and not just hoarded)

  • latherthebloodromeo
  • takemyfckinghand
  • tobuymycasket
  • hearthesoundasyoufall
  • dontknowathingaboutmysins
  • momndadthinkyoullbesaved
  • youdontknowsoimburning
  • celebratetheendofthings

Yeah they are pretty long urls I don’t even know why I took them I just did.

(I’ll also have another post or two for other non-MCR urls: Cherri Bomb | Fall Out Boy)


MERCH(click to see)
  • MCR “Na Na Na” shirt
  • OM&M logo shirt
  • OM&M hoodie
  • Pierce the Veil mexican shirt
  • Pierce the Veil red shirt
  • Suicide Silence hoodie
  • Suicide Silence shirt
  • MCR hoodie
  • Sleeping with Sirens shirt
  • MCR iVengenza!
  • MCR Danger Days
  • Green Day Numrod
  • Green Day Dookie
  • OM&M The Flood
  • Sleeping with Sirens If you were a movie, this would be your soundtrack
  • Sleeping with Sirens, Let’s cheers to this
  • Suicide Silence, No time to bleed
  • MCR Bullets
  • MCR The Black Parade
  • MCR Revenge
  • Blink 182 Neighbourhood


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Okay I think I’m kinda scared to check out the MCR site again later tonight, because I think by then there’d be a new background and maybe other stuff and for some reason this is making me all fidgety adskjdlfkjasdfdf

I don’t usually reblog stuff like this in high frequency, but that “I was almost a normal blogger” post is DEAD ON. I mean seriously, have you guys even seen how much MCR I’ve reblogged during the past few days? Mmm, not so much.

But that’s all over now because, well, can I just say I really like the new logo design? afjkdfkjkdkaldf

Me when I first heard Small Petunia of the Galaxy

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